An illustration of Buile Hill Park in Salford.

'Buile Hill Park Slide'

This is an illustration of Buile Hill Park in Salford. Specifically, it depicts a scene that no longer exists, and if you were you to visit there today it would just be a large patch of grass. It is of course my intention to preserve a moment in history that is largely forgotten, except for those of a certain age. The clock here has been turned back to the late 80s/early 90s, and many Summers were spent playing amongst the various items of equipment that would later be referred to as "deathtraps". Particularly the slide. The area was always a buzz with kids, but although I still walk through the park some 30 years later, the children at play in my representation are now just ghosts in time. In its place is a barren grassy land which now used as litter tray.