I'm a creative content producer from Salford, Greater
        Manchester. I mainly produce illustration, animation and creative
        writing work such as video scripts.
        I graduated from the University of Salford in 2012,
        obtaining a degree in Animation. Since then I've gone on to work
        in-house at creative agencies in Manchester, and also work as a
        freelance animation designer and copywriter. I mostly specialise in
        hand drawn illustration but I also do a lot with pixel art.
        Group Exhibitions: 
        Canvas Project - New York, NY. USA. 2010.
        Streetview exhition - Manchester, UK. 2013.
        Pictures for Alfie - Salford, UK. 2013.
        Before I Could Draw - Manchester, UK. 2013.
        Scribble Project - Melbourne, Australia. 2014.
        A Letter in Mind - London, UK. 2014.
        Manchester Open Exhibition - Manchester, UK. 2020.
        Animation Festivals:
        The Denver Nickel + Dime Animation Extravaganza - Denver, CO. USA. 2017.
        Official Selection: Could Robots Take Over The World?
        ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan - Yerevan, Armenia. 2017.
        Official Selection: Movies Inspire Dreams
        ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival - Hermoupolis, Syros. Greece. 2017.
        Official Selection: Movies Inspire Dreams
        Lahore International Children's Film Festival - Lahore, Pakistan. 2017.
        Official Selection: Movies Inspire Dreams