'Metal Gear Solid - codec crossover'

This is an animated crossover piece based on the 1998 video game; Metal Gear Solid, and the 1981 fantasy film; Escape from New York. It is no secret that the video game series is heavily influenced by the John Carpenter movie, they both feature similar plots, characters and their protagonists have the name Snake.

I wondered what it would be like if the plot and characters from the movie were placed into the video game setting, and so I created this short animation to see what that might have looked like. It isn't obvious, even to the biggest fan of either the game or film, but the music is also a big part of the crossover piece. I produced a music track that merges Carpenter's 'Romero and the President' theme with the 'Intruder2' theme from Metal Gear Solid.

Although this animation only features dialogue between Snake (Kurt Russell) and Hauk (Lee van Cleef), I had intended to make a longer conversation including the Cabbie character (Ernest Borgnine). I animated this but decided in the end that it wouldn't have worked very well.