Two maps of the world illustrate the locations of various movie plots from the first and second world war.

'World War Movie Map'

I'm a big film fan, and although it's not my favourite genre I do enjoy a good war film. I particularly like the films that also teach me about things I wasn't aware of, and that is one of the reasons why film is such a special medium.

However, it wasn't long before I started this piece that I had been in a war film kinda mood and was watching some classics that had previously eluded me. I realised that although I had a general idea of where the plots of these films were taking place, I still didn't really know their location and how they compared with other films. It was then that I decided to produce this map charting all of the big war movie plots, where they took place in the real world and which battle they referred to. I made the decision not to create illustrations to represent each film, and I felt that the piece would be better understood if I used their original poster imagery.

Although it doesn't really showcase my talents as an illustration artist; I'm happy that I produced this, as I think it does illustrate the world war at a glance. All the more so if this infographic leads people to seek out some of these movies.