A pixel art illustration based on the Tom Hanks movie Big.

'Zoltar Speaks'

An illustration of the Zoltar Speaks machine, as it appears in the 1988 fantasy film; Big. If for some bizarre reason you haven't seen this wonderful movie, the basic idea is that there is this fortune teller amusement that claims to make your wish come true if you can successfully aim and fire a coin into its mouth.

A teenager makes a wish to be big, and after this is granted he turns into Tom Hanks. Hilarity ensues as we then follow the antics of this boy trapped in the body of a man, and his quest to find the mysterious Zoltar machine.

It's a fun film that I grew up with, and many people have fond memories of it. A large part of what keeps the discussion going is the enchanting Zoltar machine, as there was something almost terrifying about its design. It doesn't actually feature in the film for very long, and I suppose this only adds to the mystery, so I decided to do an illustrated portrait of it to preserve the image. Originally I did do the entire case, but I felt that it was detracting from the focus of the piece and so I later decided to crop it down.